the red wrath A Journey Between Two Destinies 

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The Red Wrath


The Red Wrath is a story of young boy, Asif, eldest of the three children of Zulfiqar Khan, who lives in Afghanistan in 1970’s. In this tale of yearning and nostalgia the protagonist or Asif goes through many ups and downs of life both expected and unexpected that shapes his thinking and fuels his desire. His is one of the most respected families of their village, owing not only to his father’s position as an inspirational leader and political speaker but also because of the contributions made by his grandfather, Masoud Khan for the development of the village.

Asif’s World presents a picture of perfect familial happiness, with a loving Hasiba and caring Zulfiqar by his side. His two siblings – Mohammad and Sahar complete the family picture. Asif as he enters his teenage realizes that he secretly harbours love for a girl named Latifa, despite the realization that the love was forbidden on account of cultural beliefs and traditions, especially in the rural heartlands. He wished to set his beloved free from all notions of ‘cruel’ society that failed to understand women or their needs.

Though as adolescents Asif and Latifa are unable to marry each other, it is much later in life, that both are united amongst lot of drama and convincing.

Asif himself was brought up in a secular and open minded environment by his parents and he wished for the same for everyone else around him. He valued freedom and progress in all walks of life. He loved reading too.

Life ran smooth Asif until the day the Communist regime passed an order for his father’s arrest on account of latter’s open critique of the communist ideology. The arrest set into motion a definitive series of events that were to alter the course of Asif and his family’s life. What follows is a tale of unfortunate events that would open the eyes of the readers to the years that Afghanistan lived under the Red Regime.

Asif learnt that his father has been murdered in cold blood by the Russians, realizing that the country was not safe for the family; they opt to move out to refugee camp at Peshawar, Pakistan. Asif gets another jolt when he loses his sister in the refugee camp dies due to illness. His mother goes into deep shock after losing both her husband and daughter and becomes disillusioned.

Asif shifts to the Peshawar in Pakistan to find a job and support his ailing mother. Working as a daily earner, not only he supports his family but also supports his younger brother’s education. He learns reading and writing at home only with the help of his brother’s books. Only after many years they decide to return to their homeland.

He finally returns to his village to start life afresh in the familiar surroundings.  But destiny had something else in store for him. Though the Russians’ had left the country but an internal menace named Taliban or religious fighters had taken over the country. Taliban with their forceful and dictatorial ways not only shut down his business but also thrash him badly. Asif finally decides to move to another country for good.

He escapes to Oslo, Norway in 2001 with a heavy heart filled with vestiges of a devastated past and countless unfulfilled dreams of prosperity and a peaceful life. He cannot do away with the feeling of guilt that haunts him at leaving behind his family, to fend for their own selves in the land of butchers that Afghanistan had turned into. H

Oslo puts him back in contact with one of his long lost best friends, Akram, who becomes instrumental in making Asif revisit the long buried memories of childhood and also sparks in him the desire to get back in touch with his family. With the help of some new found friends in Norway, he re-establishes contact with his brother and ends up with news of his mother’s death, which leaves him completely devastated.

He realizes that his search and final discovery of a much settled life (in Norway) had cost him his most near and dear ones. The circumstances lead him into taking an important decision for himself and his family and so he writes a letter to his wife and his remaining family, promising to bring them back to Norway.

His journey between the two destinies of sorrow and prosperity transforms him into a much balanced and ‘humane’ being who knew the value of life, peace and harmony and it is this journey which teaches him to forgive even his enemies too.

The Red Wrath is widely available all across in more than 26 countries.

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