Yemeni government suspends participation in peace talks

    Yemeni government suspends participation in peace talks

    May 2, Kuwait City: Yemen's government delegation has suspended its participation in peace talks aimed at ending fighting in the impoverished Arab country, the United Nations envoy for Yemen said.
    U.N. envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said in a statement that the Yemeni government stopped participating in plenary sessions held in Kuwait on Sunday because of developments in the governorate of Amran, which reportedly came under rebel attack.

    The statement said he has received assurances from the warring parties that they are committed to resolving difference without participating in joint sessions, and that the U.N. hopes to resume the talks.

    The closed-door talks aim to end fighting between a Yemeni government backed by a Saudi-led military coalition on one side and rebels known as Houthis who seized the capital in September 2014.

    The Oslo Times


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