WWII bomb defused in Greece after mass evacuation

    WWII bomb defused in Greece after mass evacuation

    Feb.12, Athens: Authorities in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki evacuated an estimated 75,000 people Sunday so army experts could defuse some 250 kg unexploded World War II bomb found under a gas station.

    The 250kg (500lb) bomb was discovered during excavation works. It will now be removed and taken to a firing range. It is thought to be one of the largest wartime bombs to be found in urban Greece.

    Police went house-to-house to evacuate residents so the work could be done. It was one of the largest peacetime evacuations in Greece. Many people left in their cars, but some were sent in buses to schools and sports halls.

    The deactivation was delayed as police had to remove a camera placed above the crater by a Greek media outlet, AFP news agency reported.

    The Oslo Times International News Network