World Tobacco day: Medical practitioners want  tobacco  ban in Nigeria

    1454093731394.jpg By Mohammad Ibrahim
    World Tobacco day: Medical practitioners want  tobacco  ban in Nigeria

    (Kaduna) Nigerian Medical practioners has join the rest of the world in commemorating World Tobacco-Day through sensitizing students of various health schools on  dangers associated with smoking and its health related hazards. 

    Director of Womanhood Health school in Kaduna,  Maryam Abubakar said Smokers are at greater risk for heart and blood vessels diseases (cardiovascular disease).

    According to her, tobacco-related illnesses are highest public health threats in the  world today, adding that Smoking harms  human organ and lungs.Maryam Abubakar said Approximately one person dies from a Tobacco-caused –diseases every six seconds in the world,equivalent to almost 6 million people a year.

    " Smoking affects  the body, including inflammation and decreased immune function. We call on federal government to quickly intervene by banning tobacco companies from supplying cigarettes into the country so as to save younger generation from becoming victims of heart diseases.

    "We want government to introduce war against tobacco and other hard drugs in all the 36 state of the federation to save younger generation against all forms of smoking and Cardiovascular disease in our communities," she said.

    The director also calls on Non-governmental organizations,civil societies,traditional rulers,corporate bodies and stakeholders to redouble effort in sensitizing the public on the dangers of tobacco smoking.

    Delivering his speech, Abdulhakim Mohammad Miko “Anatomist” said we have gathered student from various schools of health in kaduna,so as to sensitize them and to let them know the side effect of smoking and to let them know that Smoking can cause cancer.  

    Over 100 science students, medical practioners and other sakeholders attended the event to mark world tobacco day with the sole aim of creating awareness on dangers of smoking among Youth and women in the societies.


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