Weekend protests across Ethiopia leave more than 12 dead

    Weekend protests across Ethiopia leave more than 12 dead

    Aug.8, Addis Ababa: Violent weekend clashes between protesters and security forces claimed the lives of more than a dozen people across Ethiopia, while hundreds staged a rare anti-government demonstration in the capital after calls via social media.

    The government again blocked the internet over the weekend, alleging that "anti-peace elements" based outside abroad and supported by online activists are to blame for the violence. Demonstrations took place despite the government's warning that it would take measures against unauthorized rallies.

    The government announced Sunday that seven protesters died in the northern Amhara region's capital, Bahir Dar, where protesters demanded the reinstatement of the Wolqayit area in the Tigrary region back to the Amhara administration. The arrest of members of a committee set up to oversee the reinstatement led to violent clashes over the past week.

    The arrests also ignited weekend demonstrations in the Oromia region, where online activists and witnesses in at least three towns said many casualties occurred.

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