Warhol's painting of Mao to be auctioned

    Warhol's painting of Mao to be auctioned

    Mar 17, Beijing: Andy Warhol's painting of Chairman Mao is being auctioned in Hong Kong - and it could go to a Chinese bidder for a "homecoming" of sorts.

    Based on a photo in Mao's Little Red Book, the portrait series is among the most famous images of the 20th Century. The auction of this work is expected to fetch as much as $15m .Chairman Mao was a political leader both deeply revered and feared and certainly an unlikely subject for the bold colour contrasts of the Pop Art movement.

    The debate in Chinese media at the time was around whether the images were showing respect or mockery.Yet Chinese investors are increasingly buying Western art. They reportedly make up one fifth of the world's buyers of art.

    So, Warhol's portrait of China's former Communist leader may yet find its way to China through the workings of global capital markets.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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