US to investigate deadly drone strikes in Afghanistan

    US to investigate deadly drone strikes in Afghanistan

    April 12, Kabul: The US military will investigate into the US drone strikes in southeastern Afghanistan that killed 17 people last week, NATO-led mission in Afghanistan has confirmed.

    Brigadier General Charles Cleveland, spokesman for the US-led coalition, said on Monday that they will conduct an investigation into the air strikes carried out in the Paktika province.

    He said that currently there has no evidence of civilian casualties, however, we are conducting a thorough investigation into the strikes.

    Relatives and tribal elders demanded for an investigation on Saturday claiming that the air raids hit civilians, not members of armed groups.

    However, Afghan officials said that the people killed in the attack had links to the Taliban.

    A day after the demand for the investigation, United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan also confirmed to Al Jazeera that "facts will be verified around the reports".

    The Oslo Times


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