US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia dies at 79

    US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia dies at 79

    Feb 14, Washington: One of the most conservative members of US high court Justice Antonin Scalia has died at the age of 79.

    Supreme Court Justice Scalia's death could shift the balance of power on the US high court, allowing President Barack Obama to add a fifth liberal justice to the bench.

    The court's conservative 5-4 majority has recently stalled major efforts by the Obama administration on climate change and immigration. He was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.

    The US Marshalls Service said that he died in his sleep early on Saturday while in West Texas for hunting trip,.

    President Barak Obama said, calling him "an extraordinary judicial thinker” that for almost 30 years, Justice Scalia was a larger-than-life presence on the bench.

    The president said he intends to name a replacement in due time, despite calls from Republicans to wait until the next president is elected.

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