US shootings: Killer prepared larger attack in Dallas

    US shootings: Killer prepared larger attack in Dallas

    July 11, Dallas: Dallas police chief said that man who shot dead five police officers in Dallas was planning an even larger attack. Seven more police officers were also wounded in the attack.

    Micah Johnson, 25, was angry with the recent killings of black men by police and wanted to kill white officers, police say.

    According to Police chief David Brown, he was "convinced" Johnson had wider plans.

    He told CNN that Johnson, a military veteran, appeared to have practised detonating explosives.

    Brown also said police were trying to find the significance of the letters "RB" that Johnson had written in his own blood, near where he was killed by a remote detonation by police, reports said.

    Officers were also reading a journal found in Johnson's house that Brown said was proving "hard to decipher".

    Brown also revealed that during two hours of negotiations last Thursday, the attacker taunted police.

    The deaths of Philando Castile in St Paul, Minnesota, and Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, last week led to more protests across US cities.

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