US election: Clinton accepts nomination to run for president

    US election: Clinton accepts nomination to run for president

    July 29, Philadelphia: Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for president with boundless confidence in America’s promise.

    As Clinton made history as the first woman to accept the nomination, she told Americans that their country was "at a moment of reckoning" with "powerful forces ... threatening to pull us apart".

    Addressing the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night, Clinton called for unity, saying it is up to Americans "to decide whether we’re going to work together so we can all rise together".

    To thunderous applause, she told supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders that they shared the same cause, reports said.

    In a speech that resonated with the audience, the former secretary of state and first lady rebutted many of the messages delivered by the

    Republican's presidential nominee Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this time last week.

    Mentioning the billionaire tycoon more than 20 times, Clinton painted a picture of a failed businessman who does not pay contractors, makes business deals abroad, not locally, and lacks national security credentials, BBC reported.

    Even though Clinton spoke of threats at home and abroad, her boarder message was one of hope - a a stark contrast to the dark image painted by Trump in his acceptance speech of an America lacking "law and order" and marred by "terror".

    Trump's message was "that we no longer live in a world of trust, we live in a world we have to be afraid of", Clemons said.

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