US deploys more troops to Iraq

    US deploys more troops to Iraq

    March 21, Washington: The United States has  announced that it would put more troops on the ground in Iraq after a Marine was killed in an ISIL rocket barrage.

    It also plans move forward to retake the major city of Mosul from the armed group.

    The Pentagon said troops from the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit will add to American forces already in Iraq ISIL, also known as ISIS.

    It was unclear exactly how many Marines would be deployed, but the move was made to bolster security at a coalition base near Makhmur on the front lines with ISIL in northern Iraq.  

    The Pentagon said in a statement that AA US Marine was killed in an ISIL rocket attack at the base on Saturday, the Pentagon said, the second American combat death in the fight against the group.

    The rocket barrage occurred in the autonomous region of Kurdistan, where Baghdad has recently been deploying forces to prepare for an offensive against ISIL-controlled Mosul.

    Several other Marines were wounded and they are being treated for their varying injuries.

    The Oslo Times


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