US and S Korea agree to deploy controversial missile defence system

    US and S Korea agree to deploy controversial missile defence system

    July 8, Washington: The United States and South Korea have agreed to deploy a controversial missile defence system, in the wake of intensifying threats from North Korea.

    According to a statement, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system will be deployed solely to counter the threat from Pyongyang.

    The announcement comes after North Korea denounced US sanctions on Kim Jong-un, calling it an "open declaration of war", after the leader was accused of human rights abuses.

    The US had put sanctions onto the leader for the first time, calling him directly responsible for violations in his country.

    It is unclear exactly where it would be sited and who would have final control.

    Discussions began in February after North Korea fired a long range missile, but China has consistently objected, media reports said.

    The THAAD system would be able to detect North Korean missiles and shoot them down, but China says it would seriously damage the security interests of countries in the region.

    According to news agency Yonhap, Pyongyang has warned that it will close down all diplomatic channels with the US unless the blacklisting is revoked.

    The measures freeze any property the individuals have in the US and prevent US citizens doing business with them.

    It estimates that between 80,000 and 120,000 prisoners are being held in North Korean prison camps where torture, sexual assault and executions are routine, BBC reproted.

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