US: Vigils held after deadliest shooting in Orlando

    US: Vigils held after deadliest shooting in Orlando

    June 13, Florida: Vigils have been held across the US after the deadliest mass shooting in its history targeted a gay night club in the state of Florida on Sunday.

    At least 50 people died and 53 were wounded in the shooting in Orlando. The rampage only came to an end after perpetrator Omar Mateen was shot
    dead in a gun battle with police officers.

    US President Barack Obama has described the gun attack as "an act of terror and an act of hate".

    Mateen, 29, was killed in an exchange of fire with 11 police officers, after taking hostages at the club.

    The so-called Islamic State group has said it was behind the attack, but the extent of its involvement is not clear.

    Orlando Police chief John Mina described the shooting as "one of the worst tragedies we have seen", adding that police officers "were shaken by what they have seen inside the club".

    The injured, many in critical condition, were transferred to nearby hospitals. Among those injured was one police officer, whose kevlar helmet was hit by a round from the suspect. 

    The suspect exchanged gunfire with a police officer working at the club, which had more than 300 people inside. The gunman then went back inside and took hostages, Mina said.

    According to reports, Mateen made 911 calls to police early on Sunday, and referred to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

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