US: Trump appeal against travel ban ruling

    US: Trump appeal against travel ban ruling

    Feb.5, NY: The US justice department has filed a court motion against the suspension of President Trump's travel ban on people. The ban is mainly fromseven Muslim nations.

    The move seeks to reverse Friday's ruling by a federal judge in Washington state.

    Visa holders from the affected nations have been scrambling to get flights to the US, fearing they have a slim window to enter America.

    Mr Trump's ban last week led to mass protests and confusion at US airports.

    There were further demonstrations on Saturday in Washington, Miami and other US cities as well as in a number of European capitals.

    Thousands of people turned out in London, with smaller protests in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Barcelona.

    Donald Trump supporters in demonstrate at Los Angeles airport. Photo: 4 February 2017

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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