US: Todd Kohlhepp charged with multiple murders in South Carolina

    US: Todd Kohlhepp charged with multiple murders in South Carolina

    NOv.7, South Carolina: Police have charged Todd Kohlhepp, the man arrested after a woman was found "chained like a dog" on his property in South Carolina, with four counts of murder.

    Kohlhepp told police when questioned on Saturday that he was responsible for the deaths of four people shot at a motorcycle shop in 2003. He has confessed to seven murders in total.

    On Sunday, investigators found remains of another body at Kohlhepp's property.

    Registered sex offender Kohlhepp, 45, has also been charged with kidnapping.

    "There's no wondering about it anymore," said Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright, referring to the 2003 killings.

    Kohlhepp told investigators that he shot and killed the owner, service manager, mechanic and bookkeeper of the motorcycle shop, providing details "only the killer would know", officials said.

    They expect further charges to be brought after Kohlhepp showed law enforcement officers where he said he had buried two other victims from separate incidents at his property.

    On Sunday, investigators uncovered human remains at one of the two locations provided by Kohlhepp.

    On identifying the remains and cause of death, Mr Wright said: "We're not even close."

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