US: Obama to welcome Donald Trump to White House

    US: Obama to welcome Donald Trump to White House

    Nov.10, NY: US President Barack Obama is set to meet his successor Donald Trump in the Oval Office for talks aimed at ensuring a smooth transition of power.

    Mr Trump will become the 45th US president after securing a surprise victory over Hillary Clinton.

    Mr Obama mounted a fierce campaign to prevent Mr Trump from winning the White House, branding him "unfit" for office. But the president has now urged all Americans to accept the result of Tuesday's election.

    Despite Mr Obama's calls for unity and Mrs Clinton telling supporters Mr Trump must be given a "chance to lead," his victory has sparked protests in several US states.

    Hundreds of Anti-Trump demonstrators in New York staged a march on Trump Tower in Manhattan on Wednesday evening, waving placards declaring "Not my president" and other slogans.

    Police earlier erected concrete barriers and other security measures outside the 5th Avenue skyscraper, which is likely to be Mr Trump's headquarters during the transition to power.

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