US: New York bombs 'were both shrapnel pressure cooker devices'

    US: New York bombs 'were both shrapnel pressure cooker devices'

    Sept.19, NY: The bomb detonated on Saturday in New York, and another device found nearby, were both shrapnel-filled pressure cookers - similar to the bombs used at the 2013 Boston marathon, reports say.

    Citing officials, separate reports said both had mobile phones and Christmas lights as makeshift detonators.

    The blast, in the Chelsea area of Manhattan, injured 29 people.

    The FBI said it stopped a "vehicle of interest" in Brooklyn on Sunday but made no arrests.

    Unconfirmed media reports said five people in the car were taken into custody for questioning. The second device was found four blocks from the site of the explosion and was removed and later destroyed in a controlled explosion.

    New York governor Andrew Cuomo said it appeared to be "similar in design" to the exploded device. Both were different from a pipe bomb that detonated earlier on Saturday on the route of a charity race in New Jersey, Mr Cuomo added. That explosion caused no injuries.

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