Nigeria: Kaduna Health Ministry, UNICEF monitor Maternal, Newborn Child Health Week in Kaduna Local communities

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    Nigeria: Kaduna Health Ministry, UNICEF monitor Maternal, Newborn Child Health Week in Kaduna Local communities pregnant women at Primary Health Care Kafanchan town during the Maternal Newborn Child Health Week..Photo Moh'd Ibrahim

    (Kaduna)Kaduna State Ministry of Health Incollaboration with UNICEF monitors Maternal, Newborn Child Health Week in Kaduna rural communitiesUnited Nations Children's Fund monitored 2016 Maternal Newborn Child Health Week (MNCHW) across 998 Primary Health Care PHC facilities in all wards and Local Government Area of Kaduna State Northwest Nigeria.

    The MNCHW which was implemented in the state from 28th November to 2nd December 2016 targets age group children under 5 and pregnant women.  Reports from Jema'a, Kachia, Jaba and Kajuru LGAs said   turnout was impressive as villagers stormed PHC and health clinics facilities in their communities through out the week. 

    At PHC Kafanchan in Jema'a LGA pregnant women  and nursing mothers were seen in queue waiting to be examined while children were given deworming tablets, Immunizations, Vitamin A among others.The Reutine Immunization Focal Person at the PHC, Zainab Kabir said hundreds of  pregnant women were screened for HIV and non was reactive or positive in the centre.

    According to her, the major sickness observed at the centre during the week were cases of diarrhea among children under 5." As of Monday 28, November when the week began, we discovered increased in cases of diarrhea and vomiting among children and infants brought here. We have given them drugs and ORT and all asistance needed from us."  We don't have reactive or positive among the pregnant women tested and no malnutrish children too. Honestly, we don't have much problem because everything is working smoothly as planned," she said.

    Director Health Jema'a Monica-L-Ogah said there was report of a newly wedded   woman that tested positive at Aso ward in the local government. "We are now trying to establish contact with the husband so that he will equally be tested and counsel on what next to do,"she said.

    She appealed to  pregnant women to always seize the opportunity to attend antenatal for their safety and that of the unborn baby.In Jaba LGA the report was same as women turnout in large number during the week. On Monday 28 about 125 pregnant women were tested and non was reactive.

    Alisabatu D Haruna incharge officer, Sepchem Ward PHC kwoi said parts of the challenges faced during the week was shortage of personnel, saying the staff were over stretched. Jona Akawu Monitoring and Evaluation Officer in Jaba, also described the MNCHW as a great success because all the 53 health facilities in the LGA were used.

    He equally added that hundred of women tested for HIV non was positive in the LGA, saying even the children non was malnutrished." We do have briefing with our field officers to hear from them their challenges during the week and so far as at Monday there are no much challenges. We don't envisage problem," he said.

    In Kachia LGA the Reproductive Health/Nutrition Focal Person magdaline Adams who visited Ankwa, Kurmin Musa and Gumel Wards said the turnout were impressive." I supervised these facilities myself and it was ok. Although, the turnout in Ankwa was a little bit poor because someone died in the community but they assured me that they will come out the following day,".

    She lamented that they encountered lack of emergency treatment kits in all facilities and no enough immunization forms.Reproductive Health officer, Kajuru LGA, Grace J Madaki described the exercise in the area as impressive.At Doka Avong Health clinic in Kajuru , The nurse incharge, Roda Net said  as at Monday 28 over 367 children and pregnant women attended the clinic. According to her, no HIV positive and no malnourished child among all those tested.

    Confirming her statement, Irimiya Kuki Cold Chain Officer in Kajuru said within two days over 1000 pregnant women were tested, adding that zero reactive was recorded.

    In his remark, Chief, UNICEF Kaduna Field Office Utpal Moitra said interventions provided this time around include Vitamin A, deworming tablets, immunization with routine antigens, nutritional screening, ANC, iron folate, TT and PCT to all pregnant women .

     Others include Zinc ORS, demonstration on handwashing, health education on essential family practices and birth registration. " HCT to pregnant women is provided in all the fixed pots including 408 that are non PMTCT sites. UNICEF has supported the state with 100% Vitamin A and 10% of deworming tablets, social mobilization including town announcements, microplanning and monitoring with at least 4 monitors per LGA. 

    "Implementation is ongoing and with good turnout of clients accessing these interventions. This is the 2nd round of MNCHW implemented in Kaduna state, the first round was in May 2016," he said.

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