Ukraine pilot announces hunger strike

    Ukraine pilot announces hunger strike

    March 4, Donetsk: Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenk announced that  she was going on hunger strike and would refuse both food and water. She was on trial over the killing of two Russian journalists in war-torn Ukraine.

    Savchenko announced the move in court, saying it was in protest at a decision to adjourn the proceedings until next week, AFP reported.

    Her lawyer Nikolai Polozov said, "The court suddenly announced it would postpone the hearing until March 9 without letting Savchenko deliver
    her final word."

    Refusing both food and water is known in Russia as a "dry hunger strike" and was a method of last resort for some Soviet dissidents under Communism.

    He said Savchenko, who is standing trial in the small southern Russian town of Donetsk on the border with eastern Ukraine, had declared she would
    refuse both food and water "from today."

    He said her lawyers would visit her in detention on Friday to try to persuade her to change her mind because a person can usually survive without food and water for no more than five days.

    The Oslo Times


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