UK launches first air strike against ISIL in Syria

    UK launches first air strike against ISIL in Syria

    Dec 3, Abuja: British fighter planes have carried out their first air strike against suspected ISIL targets in Syria. The strikes came just hours after MPs approved a motion authorising the use of military force against the group.

    RAF Tornado combat jets had returned to base after conducting combat missions against the group on Thursday, a British Ministry of Defence spokesman has confirmed.

    The MPs backed the action by 397 votes to 223 after a 10-hour debate in the House of Commons.Four Tornado jets took off from RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, shortly after the vote, media reports said.

    Two of the four Tornados arrived back in Cyprus just over three hours after they left the base, landing shortly before 03:00 GMT.

    The Ministry of Defence is expected to give details of their targets later on Thursday, spokesman added.

    France and the US are already bombing the fighters in Syria, while Russia has bombed mainly other armed groups battling the forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    The Oslo Times


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