Ugandan Electoral commission denies election results were rigged

    Ugandan Electoral commission denies election results were rigged

    Feb 27, Kampala: The Election Commission in Uganda has denied that the election results were rigged after president Yoweri Museveni won a fifth term in office.

    The Opposition party candidates had claimed that the results had been hacked and the ballot boxes had been tampered with during the presidential elections.

    According to a report by Aljazeera an  opposition candidate, Joy Kabatsi, who ran for parliament on an independent ticket, said that she found the ruling party officials stuffing pre-ticked ballot papers into ballot boxes. "We got them changing the declaration form in the presence of the inspector-general of the district. The police were there, soldiers were there. In fact they were protecting those one who were changing the declaration, so we entered there by force, they decide to cock the gun on us," another politician was quoted telling the news channel.

    However the Electoral commission has denied these accusations and stated that the ballot boxes had not been tampered with.
    The commission had ruled that Yoweri Museveni had won a fifth term fair and square, despite allegations from the opposition

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