Turkish FM accuses Amsterdam of tipping Europe towards a religious war

    Turkish FM accuses Amsterdam of tipping Europe towards a religious war

    Mar 16, Ankara: Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusogluin at a rally on Thursday warned that Europe is headed for “wars of religion.”

    According to him,  Dutch politicians are taking the continent “to a cliff.” “There is no difference between the mindsets of Geert Wilders and social democrats in the Netherlands. They all have the same mindset...that mindset is taking Europe to the cliff. Soon wars of religion may and will start in Europe,” Cavusoglu said.

    The statement come amid a bitter dispute between the two countries. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the Netherlands of acting like “Nazi remnants.”Erdogan also accused the Netherlands of state terrorism and having a “rotten” character earlier this week, claiming the Dutch were responsible for the 1995 Srebrenica massacre during the Bosnian War.

    The row broke out after the Dutch deported a Turkish minister from the country and prevented her from entering the Turkish Embassy in Netherland, justs hours before she was scheduled to address the Turkish expatriate community in Netherlands. Erdogan is lobbying for 5.5 million expatriate Turks to vote ‘yes’ in an upcoming referendum which would give him sweeping new powers to issue decrees, declare emergency rule, appoint ministers and state officials, and dissolve parliament.

    Critics say the move would be a step backwards for democracy, removing the system of checks and balances.

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