Turkey-EU leaders gather for emergency summit in Brussels

    Turkey-EU leaders gather for emergency summit in Brussels

    March 7, Ankara: Leaders from Turkey and EU have gathered in Brussels for an emergency summit on tackling Europe's worst refugee crisis with some 13,000 are stranded on Greece's border with Macedonia as European states seek to restrict entry.

    Last year, more than a million entered the EU illegally by boat, travelling mainly from Turkey to Greece.

    The EU has pledged €3bn (£2.3bn; $3.3bn) to Turkey in return for housing migrants and stemming the flow.

    Nato is expanding its naval mission against people-smuggling in the Aegean Sea to cover Turkish and Greek territorial waters, and will also increase its co-operation with the EU's border agency Frontex in the region, reports said.

    The UK has announced that the amphibious landing ship RFA Mounts Bay will join naval vessels from Germany, Canada, Turkey and Greece in the area.

    Migrants, many of them fleeing war zones in Syria and Iraq, continue to make the hazardous sea journey from Turkey to Greece's outer islands.

    The Oslo Times


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