Turkey bombs PKK targets

    Turkey bombs PKK targets

    Oct.12, Ankara: Turkish air force has bombed shelters and gun positions of Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) destroyed in Iraq and claim to have killed 14 fighters. Turkish army carried out air strikes on  PKK targets in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq.

    Air raid came on Sunday, a day after the group unilaterally told its fighters to halt attacks in Turkey.

    PKK was founded in 1978 and took up arms in 1984 initially to fight for an independent Kurdish state in southeastern Turkey and later for political and cultural autonomy.

    More than 40,000 people have died in the conflict between the government and the banned paramilitary party with Marxist origins.

    The Turkish government, the European Union and the United States have designated the PKK and related groups as "terrorist organisations.

    The Oslo Times


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