Turkey and Germany agree to deal with Syrian refugee crisis

    Turkey and Germany agree to deal with Syrian refugee crisis

    Feb 8, Ankara: Officials from Turkey and Germany have agreed on a set of measures to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis, including a joint diplomatic initiative aiming to halt attacks against Syria's largest city, Aleppo. Officials from the two countries added that they would push to curb illegal migration.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Turkey and Germany will push at the United Nations for everyone to keep to a UN resolution passed in
    December that calls on all sides to halt without delay attacks on the civilian population.

    Merkel was in the Turkish capital Ankara for talks on how to reduce the influx of refugees into Europe.

    Markel said under such circumstances, it's hard for peace talks to take place, and so this situation must be brought to an end quickly.

    Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said the city of Aleppo "is de facto under siege. We are on the verge of a new human tragedy."

    The talks came as tens of thousands of Syrians remain stranded at the border with Turkey after fleeing a Russia-backed government offensive in Aleppo.

    Turkey is facing pressure from the EU to open its border to up to 35,000 Syrians who have massed along the frontier in the past few days fleeing an onslaught by government forces.

    The International Organization for Migration says 374 refugees and other migrants have died so far this year while trying to reach Greece. Turkey, a key country on their route to Europe, is central to Merkel's diplomatic efforts to reduce the flow.

    Germany saw an unprecedented 1.1 million asylum seekers arrive last year, many of them fleeing the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, media reports said.

    The Oslo Times


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