Trump wants better rescue efforts in Texas

    Trump wants better rescue efforts in Texas

    Aug 30, Washington DC: US President Trump along with  First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Corpus Christi, where Hurricane Harvey first made landfall on Friday. 

    Upon his arrival,Trump called  for a stroner relief effort, as he wants the effort to stand as an example of how to respond to a storm. "We want to do it better than ever before," he said."This storm, it's epic what happened. But you know what, it happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything."

    He will not be visiting Houston. The White House said he did not want his visit to disrupt the emergency response.
    The rainfall in Texas set a new record for the continental US, the National Weather Service said on Tuesday. A rain gauge in Cedar Bayou recorded 51.88 inches (132 cm) of rain since Friday. More than 13,000 people have now been rescued in the affected areas.

    Trump has already declared a federal state of emergency in both Texas and nearby Louisiana, where Harvey is expected to make landfall again on Wednesday morning. The move releases emergency government funding and other assistance.

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