TOT News Update: A Meeting with TV2 channel Kadafi Zaman

    TOT News Update: A Meeting with TV2 channel Kadafi Zaman

    Thursday 28 March, 2013 – THE OSLO TIMES EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS –

    This is to inform our readers that an exclusive meeting was held between The Oslo Times Editor in Chief Mr. Hatef Mokhtar and Kadafi Zaman, journalist and representative of one of Norway’s most prominent and widely viewed TV channels (TV2).

    Mr. Zaman gave the Editor in Chief a complete guided tour of the TV2 premises and facilities, where The Oslo Times got a first-hand feel of how the respective media works and transparently operates in Norway. The channel boasts its standards for the state of the art extensive news studio with Hi Tech broadcasting equipment and fresh highly creative talent that makes TV2 the leading news channel in Norwegian media.

    During this exclusive session, Mr. Mokhtar was informed about various programs and activities that TV2 has supported so far in the field of promoting talent across Norway.

    The channel is independent in all respects and is a functional democratic institution that recognizes the rights of its every employee and its viewers.

    Mr. Zaman explained that the content being released or telecasted is free from any kind of censorship or interference in the work environment from any authorities concerned and even from its respective editorial board or management.

    The Oslo Times Editor in Chief was informed that TV2 practices and obeys the complete code of media ethics, which ensures the safeguarding of free speech and publication rights. This sustains the channel in achieving the objectives set for better connectivity with its viewers.

    TV2 seek and encourage other media organizations to associate for a common goal of promoting free speech and protecting media rights everywhere.

    Mr. Mokhtar appreciated the fact that the channel continues to strive for increased transparency and becoming a flag bearer in protecting journalistic operations and the advocacy of media rights throughout the Norwegian society.

    The channel plans to expand its operations in other upcoming branches of media that support the future of the organization, especially through social media, which allows any institution to connect directly with the people.

    The Oslo Times, being an independent news network too, understands today’s needs to promote and safeguard the interests of human rights and media around the world. Consequently, both responsible media organizations support the common cause in coordination.


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