Three more EU members impose border checks

    Three more EU members impose border checks

    Sept 14, OSLO: More EU members have decided to impose border checks as Europe struggles to deal with its worst ever refugee crisis after World War II with the migrants influx soaring every day.

    Hours after Germany decided to control its border with Austria, Slovakia and the Netherlands along with Austria said they would tighten their borders. The move is certain to pressurise EU ministers who are meeting in Brussels to form a new strategy to handle the crisis.

    Hungary has also completed a fence along its border with Serbia on Monday and blocked a railway line used as the main crossing point by migrants. Germany has said that the border checks were not imposed to block the people but to maintain order in the migrants' flow.

    Germany have already said that one million people may arrive in Germany seeking refuge from the violence that have left the middle east devastated.

    Slovakia's interior ministry also announced on Monday that it had renewed checks on its borders with Hungary and Austria.


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