Thousands of Tibetans voting for government-in-exile

    Thousands of Tibetans voting for government-in-exile

    March 20, Dharmsala: Tens of thousands of Tibetan exiles are voting around the world to elect a new prime minister and parliament for a second time since the Dalai Lama had stepped down as head of the government to focus on his role as a spiritual leader.

    Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay is running for re-election and his opponent is parliament speaker Penpa Tsering. Both continue to support "a middle way" proposed by the Dalai Lama, which calls for-seeking regional autonomy under Chinese rule.

    Some groups have been advocating full independence for Tibet as little progress has been made in the dialogue with China.

    On Sunday, some 80,000 registered Tibetans in exile — 11,000 of them in Dharmsala in India — are voting in a daylong election.

    The Oslo Times


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