Thailand: Authorities rules out death penalty for rapists

    Thailand: Authorities rules out death penalty for rapists

    July 5, Bangkok: Thailand has no plan to execute rapists who murder their victims, saying such a harsh penalty would provoke more rapists to kill, Justice Ministry has said.

    The ministry's third-ranking official, Tawatchai Thaikyo, posted the comments Monday on his Facebook page amid growing outrage over the suspected rape and murder of a 27-year-old teacher, whose alleged attacker was a convicted rapist who lived in her apartment building. The woman's death has prompted calls for harsher penalties for rapes and capital punishment for fatal rapes.

    Capital punishment is legal in Thailand for 35 different crimes, including drug offenses, terrorism, national security crimes, murder and fatal rapes. But in practice, the death penalty is rarely used. The last execution was carried out in 2009 for two drug traffickers, the Associated Press reported.

    Tawatchai said: "If raping equals the death penalty, it would encourage rapists to kill all victims to shut their mouths." He added: "Wouldn't it be better if we require all convicted rapists to undergo a rehabilitation program and give them support to prevent them from committing such crimes again?"

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