Thai journalist resigns to save newspaper 'from further pressure'

    Thai journalist resigns to save newspaper 'from further pressure'

    Sept 17, BANGKOK: Thai journalist Pravit Rojanaphruk, a prominent critic of the country's military rulers has resigned from his newspaper, a day after he was released from jail.

    Rojanaphruk tweeted that he was resigning frm the Nation newspaper to save it form "further pressure". He was nabbed on Sunday and had to attend "attitude adjustment" session for violating rules on information.

    "Thanks The Nation for everything. After discussing with management I agreed to resign to save the paper from further pressure. #Thailand," his tweet read. The scribe was arrested after he tweeted: "Freedom can't be maintained if we're not willing to defend it."

    Rojanaphruk was arrested for the second time after he was detained following the military coup of 2014. Following his release, he tweeted: "My ideology is intact."

    Thailand have made several arrests of politicians, journalists and citizens forcing them to attend attitude adjustment sessions after the 2014 coup.


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