Terror Alert: Munich goes under high security alert after terror attack threats

    Terror Alert: Munich goes under high security alert after terror attack threats

    Jan 1, Munich: The Police in the German city of Munich have warned of an imminent terror attack in Munich.

    The Police through social media networks had warned the public about about the attacks. In a Facebook post, authorities stated that they had "serious information" that the attack had been planned for New Year's Eve, but did not give further information.
    The police also tweeted that the city's main station and Pasing station had been evacuated and said trains were no longer stopping there. "Current indications show that a terror attack is being planned in Munich. Please avoid gatherings of people and the Munich and Pasing train stations," police said in the tweet.
    According to the local media, police believed several groups of attackers could strike at different locations in the city. The Police have said that they had two pieces of information about a possible attack, the German media reported.
    "We have concrete information that we cannot sweep under the carpet," a newspaper quoted a police spokesperson as saying.

    Meanwhile, Cities across Europe were on high security alert, the annual fire work display had been cancelled in Brussels after the authorities detained three people on Thursday in connection with an alleged New Year's Eve plot.Security was heightened  in other major European cities including Moscow, London and Berlin.According to reports, the fireworks in Moscow were delayed by five minutes and, for the first time, the police closed Red Square - a traditional place for crowds to gather.

    London's Metropolitan Police deployed 3,000 officers in the inner city, including extra armed officers.
    While in Berlin, officials said the security situation remained unchanged despite the alert in Munich.Backpacks and fireworks were banned and bags searched on the "party mile" leading up to the Brandenburg Gate.

    In Ankara too the Security officials went on high alert as On Wednesday, the Turkish police had arrested two suspected IS members over an alleged plot to attack celebrations in Ankara. And according to local media reports they were planning two separate attacks on crowded areas. Suicide vests and explosives were found during police raids.

    Meanwhile, In Paris, the traditional fireworks display was called off but thousands partied at the Champs Elysees,  and it happened to be the biggest public gathering since last month's attacks.

    The Oslo Times