Tehran accuses Washington for supporting IS and spreading chaos in the Middle East

    Tehran accuses Washington for supporting IS and spreading chaos in the Middle East

    June 13, Tehran: The Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has calimed that the US is the main reason behind the instability in the middle east and is Washington is lying about fighting terrorism in the Middle East.

    While adressing senior Iranian officials on Monday the hardline Islamic leader  claimed that the US activity has instead given rise to Islamic State."You [the United States] and your agents are the source of instability in the Middle East... Who created Islamic State? America ... America's claim of fighting against Islamic State is a lie," said Khamenei, the hardline Iranian leader known for his sharp anti-American rhetoric, addressing senior Iranian officials on Monday.

    Similarly, the religious leaderstated that there is Iran-US relations improving, Khamenei said there was hardly any room for rapprochement as America is a terrorist country and backs terrorism... "therefore, we cannot normalize ties with such a country,” Khamenei said.
    These comments from the leader  comes as relations between Tehran and Washington grows increasingly strained, most recently overshadowed by a string of allegations made by a number of high-ranking Iranian officials claiming the US had forged an alliance with Islamic State IS, for instance the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mostafa Izadi, claimed Tehran had obtained “documents and information” that purport to prove that Washington has been directly supporting IS to wage “a proxy warfare in the region.”

    Speaking alongside his Norwegian counterpart Børge Brende in Oslo on Monday, Zarif called out Washington for failing to deliver on the deal, hailing the milestone agreement between Iran, US and five other world powers as “an important achievement for the international community in reducing tension and preventing an unnecessary crisis from taking a toll on peace and security.”

    Zarif lamented that Washington “has not lived up fully to its commitment under the deal,” while, Iran, for its part, has been “time and again” found in compliance with its provisions by the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA].

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