Taliban battle police in Afghanistan's Helmand

    Taliban battle police in Afghanistan's Helmand

    Han Dec 21, Kabul: More than 90 soldiers have been killed in two days after violent fighting with Taliban around the police HQ in Sangin, in the Afghan province of Helmand.

    The fighting is continuing as security forces try to hold off a Taliban attack.

    Police Commander Mohammad Dawood said that he was surrounded by Taliban fighters and that he needed urgent help.

    Helmand's governor said that the whole province could fall to the Taliban.

    Afghanistan's chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah, told a press conference on Monday that an urgent meeting will happen soon to take immediate security action in Helmand, media reports said.

    Earlier, the deputy governor of Helmand complained of a lack of government support in an open letter on Facebook to President Ashraf Ghani.
    Mohammad Jan Rasoulyar warned that the province could fall to the Taliban.

    According to the news reports, the northern city of Kunduz briefly fell to the Taliban in September - the biggest victory for the group in 14 years of war. The fall of Helmand would deal another stinging blow to the country's NATO-backed forces as they struggle to rein in unrest.

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