Afghanistan: Taliban attack on Kandahar airport leaves 46 dead

    Afghanistan: Taliban attack on Kandahar airport leaves 46 dead

    Dec 9, Kandahar : At least 46 security personnel, Taliban fighters and civilians have been killed in heavy fighting at the airport in the Afghan city of Kandahar, news reports said. Other 20 people were injured in the attack.

    Taliban forces attacked buildings housing government employees and military bases at the airport on Tuesday night, which is used by Afghan, US and NATO military forces.

    A spokesman for the provincial governor said the attackers had managed to breach the first gate of the complex in the southern city, BBC news report said.

    The airport compound houses the joint Nato and Afghan military headquarters.

    "Several insurgents" had carried out the attack, the provincial governor's spokesman Samim Khopalwaq told AFP.

    Officials said the attackers had met heavy resistance from troops inside, with local authorities reportedly deploying commandos to the area.

    An unconfirmed statement by the Taliban claimed that they had killed up to 80 soldiers, though this figure could not verified.

    It was unclear early on Wednesday if the fighting had ended, and if any militants had been killed.

    The Oslo Times


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