Syrian troops push for Southern Deraa Province

    Syrian troops push for Southern Deraa Province

    Dec 31, Damascus: The Syrian Army and the Russian warplanes got into a fierce battle with rebel groups near the border with Jordan on Wednesday.

    According to reports, the clashes came as the Syrian government attempted to capture Sheikh Maskin, in its attempt of gaining control of southern Deraa province.

    "The army is making progress with heavy Russian aerial bombing. The raids are not stopping. We have had over 40 raids in the last 24 hours alone," rebel commander Abu Alaa al-Haurani told the Reuters news agency.Haurani is a member of al-Failaq al-Awal, part of the Southern Front alliance of 54 rebel groups fighting as part of the Free Syrian Army.

    The Syrian army has stated that it has made advances overnight against the rebels , which according to them were mainly al-Qaeda-inspired groups.
    The UK-based activist group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the clashes were ongoing and there had been losses on both sides.

    The Oslo Times