Syrian migrant behind German explosion: Official

    Syrian migrant behind German explosion: Official

    July 25, Berlin: Bavarian authorities have announced that the suspected suicide bomber, who was killed in the Ansbach explosion, was a 27-year-old Syrian whose asylum request was rejected last year. The motive behind the attack, which injured 12 people, remains unknown.

    Bavaria's interior minister said that the man detonated a backpack device after being refused entry to the festival in the southern city.

    About 2,500 people were evacuated from the venue after the explosion. It is the third attack in the state of Bavaria in a week.

    The attacker who had entered the country about two years ago, but was refused asylum, Bavarian authorities told a press conference. His application was rejected a year ago but the man was allowed to stay in Germany temporarily, due to ongoing hostilities in Syria.

    A shooting rampage in Munich on Friday left nine dead while an axe-wielding teenager was shot dead after injuring four people on a train a week ago in Wuerzburg, media reports said.

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