Syrian authorities recapture Hanano housing area in Aleppo

    Syrian authorities recapture Hanano housing area in Aleppo

    Nov 27, Damascus: The Syrian army has taken control of an important district in rebel-held eastern Aleppo after fierce fighting, intense air strikes/

    According to reports, government forces advanced with a ground and air assault on the edge of the besieged eastern half of the city into the Hanano housing area, a move designed to split the rebel-held east in two. Aleppo, which was Syria's biggest city before the start of a civil war five years ago, is divided between the government-held west and rebel-held east, where UN officials say at least 250,000 people are under siege.

    The army in a statement on Sunday said, it had, along with its allies, taken full control over the Hanano housing district, which is on the northeast frontline of the eastern sector."Engineering teams are removing mines and improvised explosive devices planted by terrorists in the squares and streets," the statement said.

    The recapture of Alpepo would be a major victory for the Syrian government.

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