Syria: Russia denies air strikes in Idlib city

    Syria: Russia denies air strikes in Idlib city

    June 1, Moscow: Russia has denied its planes carried out air strikes overnight against the Syrian rebel-held city of Idlib, which killed at least 50 people.

    Igor Konashenkov, a Russian Defence Ministry spokesman, said in a statement on Tuesday that Russian planes did not carry out any combat missions, to say nothing of any air strikes, in the province of Idlib.

    The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said earlier on Tuesday the death toll was 23, including seven children.

    Turkey also accused Russia of killing at least 60 people in its air strikes on Idlib, reports said.

    Ten overnight strikes on Monday in Idlib hit areas around the National Hospital and other parts of the city centre, according to Rami Abdul-Rahman, head of the Observatory.

    The strikes on Monday evening on the north-western city, which is held by a coalition of rebel groups, including al-Nusra Front, come five days after Moscow said it was suspending strikes on Syrian "gunmen".

    The Russian Defence Ministry had said the pause was to allow groups who signed up for a US and Russian-backed cessation of hostilities a chance to cut their links with the al-Nusra, a powerful Syrian group with ties to al-Qaeda.

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