Syria: Rebel group blames Iran for evacuation suspension

    Syria: Rebel group blames Iran for evacuation suspension

    Dec.18, Aleppo: A senior Syrian rebel blamed Iran and its Shia militias for holding up the evacuation of civilians trapped in the eastern rebel-majority area of Aleppo and urged Russia to live up to its commitment to implement the deal.

    More than 3,000 people were taken out of east Aleppo on Thursday, but a convoy of about 800 people was turned back the next day and the evacuation suspended. Four evacuaees were also killed, witnesses told Al Jazeera, and people were beaten up and robbed of cash before being sent back.

    A new ceasefire deal to evacuate tens of thousands of Syrian opposition fighters and civilians was reached, according to a rebel group official.

    However, trapped Syrians waited desperately on Saturday for evacuations to resume and the Red Cross pleaded for a deal to "save thousands of lives".

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