Syria: Humanitarian disaster warning in Falluja

    Syria: Humanitarian disaster warning in Falluja

    June 19, Falluja: International aid workers have warned that a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Falluja following a civilian exodus from the Iraqi city.

    According to the United Nations, some 80,000 people have fled during a four-week government offensive to drive back so-called Islamic State fighters.

    A further 25,000 civilians are likely on the move, the organisation adds.

    Aid workers are struggling to provide food, water and medicine to people who are sleeping in the open in hopelessly overcrowded camps outside the city.

    "The overwhelming number of people that have come out of Fallujah has actually overwhelmed our ability to respond to the people in need," said Nasr Muflahi from the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

    Iraqi government forces have succeeded in retaking most of Falluja, but fighting continues in some parts of the city, which is just 50km (30 miles) west of Baghdad.

    Many of those who fleeing the fighting have been forced to sleep in the open, and spend their days under the sun in temperatures set to reach 47C (117F) in the next few days, media reports said.

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