Sweden introduces border checks to stem migrants' flow

    Sweden introduces border checks to stem migrants' flow

    Nov 12, OSLO: Sweden has introduced temporary borders checks to stem the blow of migrants. The decision comes after police warned a surge in new arrivals posed a threat to public order, Sweden's interior ministry said.

    The control will be implemented for the next 10 days beginning from Thursday. Nearly 200,000 migrants are expected to reach Sweden this year, more per head of population than any other European nation.

    "In order to obtain security and stability... not to limit the number of asylum seekers, but to get better control of the flow of asylum seekers to Sweden," said Sweden Interior Minister Anders Ygeman.

    The UN says nearly 800,000 migrants have arrived in Europe by sea so far in 2015, while some 3,440 have died or gone missing making the journey.

    Some 150,000 people from African countries such as Eritrea, Nigeria and Somalia have made the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean from Africa so far this year, arriving mainly in Italy and Malta.


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