Supermoon: Unusually large Moon lights up the sky

    Supermoon: Unusually large Moon lights up the sky

    Nov.15, NY: On Monday, the full Moon will be the biggest and brightest since 1948 as it reaches its closest point to Earth to form what is known as a supermoon.

    The rare proximity of "spectacular supermoon" to Earth means it will appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger as it reaches just 356,509km from Earth, according to NASA.

    It will become its fullest at the same time as it makes its closest pass to Earth, causing it to appear unusually large, according to astronomers. 

    Since the Moon's orbit around Earth is elliptical, its distance to the planet varies between lunar cycles.

    The unusually big and bright Moon will appear at its most impressive just as night falls over Asia, but astronomy enthusiasts will be able to see Earth's satellite loom large anywhere in the world shortly after sunset, weather permitting.

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