Suicide bomb kills 8 and 12 injured in Damascus

    Suicide bomb kills  8 and 12 injured in Damascus

    July 2, Damascus: Nearly eight people were killed and 12 injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up in the Syrian capital, Damascus, Syrian state TV reported, as cited by AP.

    According to AP, he bomber was in one of three cars, each with bombs, that had been pursued by Syrian authorities. The two other bombs were destroyed by police at a separate location in western Damascus, state TV said.

    “Authorities were pursuing three cars with bombs inside and managed to blow up two of them before entering  the city,” the statement from state TV said, as cited by AFP.

    Police surrounded the third car in Tahrir Square, where “the terrorist blew himself up resulting in people dead and injured,”  TV added without elaborating on the figures.

    Unverified images circulating on Twitter show pillars of smoke rising over the Syrian capital.

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