Squared Circle Blues

    Squared Circle Blues Squared Circle Blues

    If you are a wrestling fan, this novel is for you. Squared Circle Blues by Matt Posner takes place in 1984 during the tough days of American territorial wrestling. Baltimore's top wrestling star, King Snake MacEvoy, leaves his abusive and foul-mouthed promoter, Matt Gash, for more money and a starring role in New York. A big mistake: soon, both Snake's career and Gash's business are on the road to ruin.

    Snake faces a gang of sociopathic locker room bullies and sabotage by his ruthless new boss. The half-mad Gash scrambles to find new stars among the unskilled or even unhinged wrestlers within his reach. For men like these, in times like these, the only ending will be an ending in blood.

    Politics and backstabbing is the order of the day. The novel tells the stories of men and women in a hard, dangerous, outlaw business, fighting for their lives, careers, and hearts.You start to question, if wrestling is a sport or a business? 

    Note: This book is recommended for mature readers only. 

    Matt Posner is a writer and teacher from New York City. Originally from Miami, Florida, he lives in Queens, and teaches in Brooklyn, NY. 


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