Spain and Netherlands arrest men supposedly linked to the IS

    Spain and Netherlands arrest men supposedly linked to the IS

    Madrid, June 21:  Spain's Interior Ministry says police have arrested two Moroccans, including a suspected member of the Islamic State group considered to be a clear threat to national security.

    A ministry statement Wednesday said, “The two men, aged 43 and 22, are alleged to have strong links to a cell that recruited, radicalized and trained would-be terrorists for suicide attacks were arrested”.

    Police recovered instruction manuals on jihadi suicide and electronic terrorism and was believed to have had internet contact with IS members in Syria and Iraq. Police say the two suspects spent most of their time on their computers at home, rarely went out of the house or mixed socially, but were in constant contact with each other.

    Ministry said these suspects have extremely dangerous profile similar to those involved in recent attacks in Britain and France and was considered a threat to Spain.Spanish police have been involved in the arrests of 172 suspected jihadi activists since the country raised its security alert to one step below the maximum in June 2015.

    Similarly,  A man was also arrested today in Nethrlands for having sympathies for the IS.  The national prosecutor’s office said on Wednesday that police arrested an 18-year-old man suspected of distributing propaganda for the Islamic State militant group.

    The suspect was arrested in the central city of Utrecht on suspicion of spreading violent videos and possibly instructing others on how to make explosives last Thursday. prosecution statement said, “the man would be held in custody for at least two weeks pending further investigations”. He has not yet been charged with any offences.
    Many Dutch youths have joined Islamic State fighters in the Middle East in recent years and authorities are concerned they could carry out attacks when returning home.

    Dutch security services believe an attack in the Netherlands is likely. The country's threat assessment level has been at four out of five since March 2013.

    The Oslo Times International News Network


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