South Korea says North Korea executed top minister

    South Korea says North Korea executed top minister

    Aug.31, Seoul: South Korean government officials have said that North Korea executed one of its highest ranking ministers last month.

    However, officials did not explain how they got the information. Seoul's record on reporting such developments is patchy. Seoul's unification ministry said Kim Yong-jin was one of Pyongyang's vice premiers and in charge of education.

    According to reports, in May, a North Korean military chief said to have been executed was found to be alive and attending official events.

    Ri Yong-gil was widely reported to have been executed in February but when he made an appearance at North Korea's party congress it highlighted just how difficult it is to get accurate information from the North.

    The unification ministry, the government department which manages relations with the North is, along with the spy agency, the South's primary source of information about Pyongyang.

    The unification ministry also said a prominent minister responsible for intelligence and inter-Korean relations, Kim Yong-chol, had been sent for re-education along with another official, named as Choi Hwi, for a month in mid-July, BBC reported.

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