Somalia: Twenty-one al-Shabab extremists killed in ambush

    Somalia: Twenty-one al-Shabab extremists killed in ambush

    May 25, Nairobi: At least 21 suspected al-Shabab extremists, who were plotting an ambush in southern Somalia, have been killed by Kenyan troops, official said.

    Military spokesman Col. David Obonyo said on Wednesday that a lone gunman shot at the Kenyan troops Tuesday and fled while the troops were on the way to Tabda in southern Somalia. The troops searched the area and found rebels planning an ambush, he said.

    Kenya troops are among the African Union troops bolstering Somalia's weak U.N.-backed government against an insurgency by al-Shabab rebels who are linked to al Qaida. Al-Shabab espouses a fundamentalist version of Islam, which follows strict Shariah law and has carried out amputations and executions, including stoning to death. Despite losing control of Somalia's major cities, al-Shabab frequently carries out violent attacks in Somalia and neighboring countries, reports said.

    The Oslo Times


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