Singapore confirms 41 locally transmitted Zika virus

    Singapore confirms 41 locally transmitted Zika virus

    Aug.29, Beijing: Singapore has confirmed 41 cases of locally-transmitted Zika virus, mostly among foreign construction workers, and says it expects more incidents to be identified.

    All but seven of those infected had fully recovered, the country's health ministry and the National Environment Agency (NEA) said in a joint statement on Sunday.

    The statement added that seven patients remained in hospital.

    On Saturday, authorities had confirmed a 47-year-old Malaysian woman living in southeastern Singapore as the city-state's first case of a local transmission of the virus - which has been linked to a rare birth defect.

    The authorities said they tested 124 people, primarily foreign workers employed on a construction site. Seventy-eight people tested negative and five cases were pending, while 34 patients had fully recovered.

    According to the statement, four Singaporean men had developed symptoms of the virus in the past week and were hospitalised on Saturday. It was not clear where the foreign workers were from or when their cases were detected. Singapore hosts a large contingent of workers from the Asian sub-continent.

    None of those infected had travelled recently to Zika-affected areas. "This confirms that local transmission of Zika virus infection has taken place," the statement said.

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