Singapore Airlines plane catches fire after emergency landing

    Singapore Airlines plane catches fire after emergency landing

    June 27, Abu Dhabi: A Singapore Airlines plane bound for Milan caught fire shortly after making an emergency landing, local reports said.

    Flight SQ368 was departed at 02:05 local time on Monday and just two hours into the flight when the pilot announced there was an engine problem.

    The plane with 222 passengers on board with 19 crew members turned back and landed before the right engine of the Boeing 777 burst into flames.
    All the passengers were evacuated safely.

    A passenger who gave his name as Chuan told the BBC that they were in the air for roughly an hour before they began to smell gas. "The pilot came on the intercom and said that there was an oil leak in one of the engines and that they were going to turn and go back to Singapore."

    Chuan added that all the passengers were very calm and that he actually "went back to sleep" after the announcement was made.

    It was only after he got off the flight that he realised how "close to death" he and his wife had been.

    Firefighters took about five to 10 minutes to extinguish the flames, he said.

    Passengers will be transferred to another aircraft which is expected to depart for Milan later on Monday, said Singapore Airlines in a statement on Facebook.

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